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Insurance Claims & Coverage Legal Services

After defending insurance companies in first party lawsuits for more than 15 years, Sydney is uniquely qualified to assist you if you are having problems with your insurer.

When you buy insurance, you expect your insurer to do what it said it would do when you bought insurance: protect your family and business financially after a covered loss. Whether you have hail damage to your roof or have suffered the total loss of a business, the insurance policy you purchased is designed to protect you.


Sometimes insurance companies fail to provide the protections you are entitled to under your policy and under common and statutory law. When that happens, there are remedies available to you.

If you have questions about whether or not your insurer has complied with its duties to you after you have suffered a covered loss, please contact me. The initial evaluation of your situation is free and confidential.

The Texas Department of Insurance provides helpful information including a Consumer’s Bill of Rights (with a section explaining what you can expect from your insurance company when you have suffered a loss), an insurance company lookup tool, complaint information, and disaster & storm resources at

Business Attorney

Your business is important to us.  Whether you have been in business for years or are starting something new, sound legal counsel can aid you in choices related to formation, drafting standard forms and negotiating contract, and working through disputes whether they arise within your business or from the outside.

The goal with any type of business or commercial dispute is to avoid litigation, if at all possible. Often, litigation can be avoided by careful planning in areas where disputes often arise. Or, what appears to be an insurmountable disagreement may be resolved through creative analysis of what each party really needs.

When prevention and negotiation fail, litigation remains an essential tool for enforcing agreements and correcting wrongs.

Sydney has assisted business owners in resolving consumer complaints, negotiating contracts, resolving construction issues, and with insurance, partner and owner disputes, often without incurring the unnecessary expense and disruption that accompanies litigation.

When prevention and negotiation fail, litigation remains an essential tool for enforcing agreements and correcting wrongs.  Sydney has spent years fine tuning her skills in the litigation arena and, if you must litigate, she has the effective fight on your behalf.

The Secretary of State provides helpful basic information for those thinking about starting a business including the types of entities recognized in Texas, look-up tools for name availability, and links to other helpful resources for small business at